Tie Down Safety Penetrator X3

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Tie Down Safety Penetrator X3


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Weight 430 lbs

Proudly manufactured in the U.S.A. Tie Down Safety produces the best in class mobile fall protection systems in the market. When a jobsite demands productivity while providing the safest of fall protection solutions, contractors turn to Tie Down Safety. The Penetrator X3 is the lightest, fastest, ready to deploy fall protection solution in the world. Put 3 workers in arrest and 2 in restraint to work quickly and easily. Simply lift into place, click off to and go! Tie Down Safety maintains high standards and quality control through quality raw materials and components made in the USA.Key Features• 5 users: 3 in fall arrest and 2 in fall restraint• Portable design ready to use• Includes locking tool box• Designed for TPO, EPDM, metal and built up roofing• Vertical lifting rings• Meets compliance: OSHA 1926.502• ANSI/ASSE Z359.6-2009(D)• Made in U.S.A.• Product weight: 430 lbs.Call 844-657-1750 for Freight Quote

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