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Body Worn SRL's

KStrong® BRUTE™ Backer™ LE Dual 8.5 ft. Cable SRL-LE assembly with Aluminum swivel rebar hooks at connector end and shock pack with Twin SRL connector at top

Warning Line

Delineator Warning Line Kit

Body Worn SRL's

KStrong 8.5' Dual Assembly Brute Backer Leading Edge Foot Level Tie Off SRL with Steel Rebar Hooks

Body Worn SRL's

KStrong Dual Assembly 8.5' Brute Backer Leading Edge Foot Level Tie Off SRL with Snap Hooks

Anchor Point

Harness Depot Steel Girder Anchor


Advanced Safety 33' Cable Self Retracting Lifeline


why choose us for projects!

Harness Depot believes fall protection and rescue requires hands-on experience that not all companies have the time to develop. Our fall protection experts have worked with a wide variety of safety personnel across every type of industry.

We have learned by doing. As a result of our 30 years of experience, we have developed training and product recommendations that provide our customers with the top brands in the industry, and our line of fall protection products, such as tool lanyards, safety harnesses, roofing safety kits, and more.

Best Practices

"Best practices require that employers do more than issue fall protection PPE to their workers. Knowing the best fall protection practices and developing a formal, managed fall protection program is the required approach. Our fall protection experts have been working at height for years, and we can create a written policy that includes fall protection best practices across all industries.

Qualified Persons

"The Harness Depot team is authorized to inspect and install a variety of fall protection systems including rigid anchors, horizontal lifelines, vertical lifelines, climb systems, rigid rails, track and trolley systems, fixed ladders and much more. Our inspectors work with building owners and safety professionals to ensure their fall protection systems and associated PPE are compliant. "

Quality Products

"Workers need fall protection to stay safe and compliant on the job site. At Harness Depot, we specialize in fall protection safety. Whether you are looking for harnesses, lanyards, anchors or retractables, we have already tried them, analyzed them and have the best-valued safety products ready for you. "


Harness Depot specializes in all aspects of personal fall arrest systems. From anchors and self-retracting lifelines, our team is fully invested in providing fall protection equipment and training to our customers. If you have any questions about our full line of risk-reducing fall protection systems, please contact us. We are here to serve you.

How we became best among others?

The Harness Depot provides workers with the safest, highest-quality fall protection products. With over 30 years of assisting both companies in complying with fall protection standards and keeping workers working safely at heights, we evaluate safety harnesses and personal protective equipment. At The Harness Depot, we understand the purpose of a safety harness, how they work with ropes and horizontal and retractable lifelines, and how to use them properly.